The Clarinet Section
Adrianne Angle
Alissa Aune
Jeff Huang
Amanda Leon
Sarah McEwen
Jen Natividad
................. Tom Sciortino
Kellyann Smith
Carolyn Soderberg
Sherie Waddle
Justin Weaver
Jen Zabzdyr

Section in Uniform

The Clarinet section may be seen in the gym or on the football field. Unfortunately, there usually ends up being some sporting event scheduled on top of us; try to ignore it as best you can--the Clarinet section apologizes for this inconvenience and is currently working toward repairing this problem.


Curious Clarinet Facts:

The Natural enemy of the clarinet is the trumpet (though "natural" is hardly the correct word...)

The Clarinet section has been loosley following a function of doubling its size every year. This means there should be 50 or so Clarinets by the turn of the millenium.

Two Liers, Four of Us

We didn't forget our music; we just like to share. The Clarinet section gets along very well because we are all just really cool people. We do not turn on each other on a whim and we do not eat our young (not to imply that any other sections do this...).

Bob the Phantom Section Leader

This is one of those magic eye pictures. If you stare at it long enough, you'll be able to see Bob the Phantom Section Leader. (Really, honest!--he's there! If you can't see him, you haven't been staring long enough...)

Herbie and Company

In an attempt to keep with the traditions of the old band, the section adopted the old mascot, Herbie the Duck. Well, Herbie later ended up being abducted by the Evil Trombone Section >:( who tortured and did bad things to him, so he no longer attends games with us. But his memory lives on with us.

Picc Chicks and Clarinet Co.

High Woodwinds are scarce in these parts, so we all band together. (give yourself a bonus point if you caught that pun just now...) Here are Amanda, Adrianne, and Kellyann, along with Rebecca and Stephanie of the Picc Section.

Us 'n Herbie

Herbie's a real party animal. He'd had one too many Mountain Dew's that night, which is why he couldn't tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. (Which, of course, is normally punishable be execution, but since Herbie's judgement was obviously impared, we make an exception...)


Tiffany's attendence policy:

Tiffany's reed policy:

Coming soon: (where "soon" means within this millenium)

Long Live the Clarinet Section!

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