‘Nork Squad

‘Nork Squad


Got a Fleebnork problem? Call the Pros. The Nork Squad is composed of 3 highly-trained, professional Fleebnorkers whose pleasure it is to rid you of those annoying and often dangerous space pests known as Fleebnorks.

The ‘Nork Squad: Professional fleebnork extermination, affordable prices, and the lowest collateral damage record in the industry.

Frank Christianson, aka “The FCC”, is the leader of the group and he is also the only one who is not heavily armed. His expertise in xenopsychology and cutting edge tracking technologies make him the ideal man to take charge of hunting strategy. It’s his business to keep up with the latest fleebnork habits and tactics, ensuring that the group stays one step ahead of this ever-more-crafty breed of space pest.

At first glance, Matchbox appears to be your typical pyro. He’s never denied the story of him having set the family cat’s tail on fire with a magnifying glass when he was four years old, though he doesn’t say much in general. He dropped out of college shortly after enrolling to follow his first love: fire. He’s actually an agreeable sort and is quite slow to anger, but often his thorough enjoyment of melting things with his plasma thrower leads people to think they’re best off not risking eye-contact.

“Platinum” Pete Tanaka earned his master’s degree in chemistry in 5 years after finishing highschool a year early and has a general habit of doing things quickly and efficiently. He earned his nickname in college for his extensive work with corrosive gases. Since then, he’s taken to spelling his name Pt which has the added bonus of being faster to write. He carries an elecron pulse gun, which he calls his “Zapper,” and his own concoction of a sulfuric acid spray blended with other chemical agents. He mentions a “secret blend of 11 herbs and spices” but has never clarified what that might mean.

Skeeter is the fourth member of the three man team. Though he was not programmed with any kind of personality, he comes off as playful and sometimes a bit of a show-off. While often this causes Pete to spend far more maintenance time with him than he should, it’s been good for publicity so no attempt has been made to correct the behavior. On-lookers always love watching a bot that enjoys its work so much. Skeeter is armed with two plasma torches, a radiation gun (which is only effective as a stunning weapon for fleebs and does no real damage), and a diamond coated high-speed saw for getting those especially crafty fleebs where they think they’re safe.

Design Notes

Today’s MOC was brought to you by the parts “Minifig Hand” and “Tap.” Minifig hands are one of the smallest lego pieces, so they make for an excellent detail piece for an already small MOC. I’ve used them for control levers, hand holds on weapons, and just as general greeblies. The tap is the key to Skeeter’s face and also came in handy with the weapons. I wouldn’t say there were really any difficulties with these guys. It was all pretty much trial and error with both parts and colors untill I thought they looked cool. The bot was a fun piece of work. He’s part robotic hunting dog, part swiss army knife, and all fleeb-terror.

No minifigs were harmed during the making of this MOC. Except for the ones running around without hands.


  • none

  • AH-105 Military Grade Plasma Thrower
  • LZ-99A Compact Electron Pulse Gun
  • Sulfuric Acid Spray
  • Personal Pan-spectral Scanner Set
  • Assorted other weapons and recon gear