PX-38 Thunder Clap

PX-38 Thunder Clap

The PX-38 Thunder Clap is a sport craft built for people who want more than just a method of getting from point A to point B. Fast and efficient, the Thunder Clap adds fun and a touch of nostalgia to your everyday errands. The model shown here is used in air shows and has been modified to carry two low power anti-matter ejection canons, for visual effect only.

Design Notes:

The P-38 Lightning: the coolest looking WW2 plane in existance. How could I not make an entry for a space contest featuring this plane? Seeing as the Lightning is a classic, I couldn’t help but think “Classic Space” when I got started building, hence the classic fig and the old style parts. Design issues were minor. The first was figuring out how to get landing gear on it. The results were not completely graceful and ended up making the nose asymmetrical, but I think it was worth it just to have landing gear on a model so small. The other challenge was putting the center of gravity beyond the rear gear. It eventually all worked out. The model can be built in real life, in the colors shown EXCEPT for the grey 1×2 tiles with grill pattern. I thought they existed, but aparrently they don’t. Anyway, close enough.

I’ve also recently learned how to use photoshop. Took me long enough.


  • Two AAA Class Vented Plasma Engines

  • Two Low Power Anti-matter Ejection Canons