V0-001A Intruder

V0-001A Intruder

Rumours of a new Blacktron fighter were confirmed when a squadron of 6 modified Invaders annihilated a Kelden class cruiser in just under 15 minutes. The new fighter, dubbed “Intruder” is fairly heavily shielded, especially for a ship it’s size, and has an extreme amount of firepower.

The original Invader class of starfighter had become little more than a courrier in its later years, so it was not without irony that the Blacktron starfighter division took an ailing design and transformed it into the deadly Intruder class assault vessel. The engines were kept secret from even some of the empire’s highest officials, however it has fast become known that they areĀ notthe typical B class engines most midsized fighters are equipped with. While the standard Invader came with two lower power lasers (the nose mounted weapons), the Intruder is armed with four Sunburst heavy lasers, as well as a new particle beam weapon.

Particle Beam weapons were abandoned long ago in favor of laser weapons due to their enormous energy requirements and physical space limitations. It was thought that for a particle beam weapon to be as powerful as a comparable laser weapon, you would need a light troop transport to carry it. It seems the Blacktron engineering corp found a solution to that problem, and most scientists speculate that the engines and the weapons system feed off of some new form of power supply. Something far more space efficient than ever used before.

As Alliance scientists scramble to unlock the secrets of the Blacktron’s new power source and their new particle beam technology, all cruisers have been assigned fighter escorts and all military outposts are on hightened alert…


  • Internal Anti-Grav Generator
  • Two Modified B-Class Vented Plasma Engines

  • Four Sunburst Heavy Lasers
  • Two Particle Beam Cannons