A-Team Episode 1×06

A-Team Episode 1×06

If motorcycles count as cars, and being suspended by a crane counts as flipping, then I think we may have a new record.

“Black Day at Bad Rock”

  • Location: Bad Rock, California
  • Tank: No
  • Disguises: 0
  • Scam: No
  • Flight: No
  • Fixation: Rhyming
  • Flips: 0
  • Fee: $0
  • Quote: “Face is gonna pay!” – B.A., in a particularly bad mood
  • Who is that?? Tricia O’Neil, Dr. Sullivan. Hint: After Kirk, but before Picard

That’s quite a few zeroes up in the ol’ stats table. No tank, no disguises, or scams, not a single car flip. I’m forced to ask, is this technically even an episode of the A-Team? On the other hand, we do have running from the MPs, smoking cigars in the house (and in jail), and …Hannibal getting the girl? I’m so confused. Anyway, it checks enough boxes. I’ll give it a pass, though I’m going to expect more fake mustaches and inverted cars in the future, got that, guys?

You can tell the worst biker gangs because they pop wheelies and ride straight at cameras

There’s a pretty big continuity error with the Barbarians cutting down the telephone pole (besides the fact that it was clearly a power line). In the very next scene, both the power and the phone seem to be working fine. But eh, if you’re watching this show with that critical an eye, you’re missing the point. Go back to Star Trek, ya nerd, and take your notions of causality with you.

This episode highlights what truly makes this show great. The team escapes with everyone safe, but then follows their consciences (even Face, usually the least courageous of the lot) and returns, rather than leave the town defenseless against the incoming gang. On top of that, the pact between A-Team and local law enforcement to help each other defend the town is sealed with a simple handshake. In all seriousness, I really do miss shows where the heroes are honorable and strive to do the right thing.

The girl. There’s usually a girl, there’s usually not much to her, and usually Face is the match, but this week I really enjoyed Tricia O’Neil’s performance as Dr. Sullivan. Strong, able, no-nonsense, but with a kindness, too. For a guest star we’ll never see again, she made much more of an impact than most, and it was nice to see a softer side of Hannibal–right up until he locked her in a closet to make a quick escape, at any rate.

I remember this episode pretty well thanks to B.A.’s fear of taking on some of Murdock’s insane blood (and some insanity with it). When the dust finally settles, B.A. delivers on his promise to give Face what’s coming to him–a drawn back fist, and a scowl that melts into a smile. B.A. has the last laugh in a scene that becomes a regular part of the opening credits roll.

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  1. Hey, look at that–you’re right, not even just the actress but the character! In my defense, this is before I started using IMDB to check out the guest stars. But yeah, at the time of this comment, I’m only a couple eps away from her return (in 2×21 Deadly Maneuvers).

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