A-Team Episode 1×12

A-Team Episode 1×12

Face, facing his greatest fear: commitment

“Till Death Do Us Part”

  • Location: Wilson County, Texas
  • Tank: No
  • Disguises: Cab Driver
  • Scam Sham: Face’s Marriage
  • Flight: No
  • Fixation: Post-almost Married Blues
  • Flips: 0
  • Fee: $Whatever “Money won’t be a problem” means
  • Quote: “Marriage.. there has to be a better way…?” – Face, facing his greatest fear
  • Who is that?? Answering Machine, playing itself. Hint: Last time, it was Murdock’s.

So this week we have a very special Who is that??–Did you recognize it? That Answering Machine–we totally saw it in 1×09 Holiday in the Hills. What’s that, doesn’t count? Well according to my intense research (30 seconds on the Google), I’m the only person on the whole Internet doing a blog on the episodes of the A-Team. That means I get to write the rules.

They’re subtle, but we keep getting references to Mr. Lee, which is great–I’m hazy, but I feel like we do see him one more time, but maybe not. Either way, it’s nice to have the continuity of the name-drop here and there. We had a bit more continuity with the henchman turning the camera away being captured in the photos of the house.

Check out this instant panoramic photo-stitching tech! This would be cool to have some day, maybe when we get our flying cars.

Our mission objective is rescued while Murdock subs in for her at the wedding–I think we all knew it was him in the dress, but that didn’t make it any less amusing. Then the team does the next logical thing to prevent her from being married against her will in the future–they marry her to Face. It was a lot of fun seeing Face squirm as Jackie mercilessly teased him throughout the remainder of the episode, and actress Janice Heiden did a great job playing her character against Face.

The final chase, involving a chopper pursuit, is well choreographed with the heroes’ chopper taking a few hits early on. They’re forced to make an emergency landing during the chase to refuel at a local gas station (in a scene that immediately reminded me of one out of Flight of the Navigator, which came out a few years later), only to be hit again and start losing fuel. Fortunately, they have a barrel of sludge on hand (don’t ask), which they dump on the bad guy chopper just before escaping over the county line. The chase ends in a second emergency landing and B.A. once more has the last laugh as the only one to escape the landing without a scratch (or a broken limb).

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