A-Team Episode 3×01

A-Team Episode 3×01

Unlike our mark, I saw this coming a mile away–didn’t make it any less funny, though!

“Bullets and Bikinis”

  • Location: Miami, Florida
  • Tank: Improvised repeater nail gun and mortar cannon
  • Disguises: Bartender, Waiter
  • Scam: A Date (via drowning).
  • Flight: Yes
  • Fixation: Either a Miami Accent (is there such a thing?) or being on vacation
  • Flips: 1
  • Fee: Profits from Hotel ownership
  • Quote: “You check out rather nicely.” – Face. Much like Hannibal’s quote earlier, even when he’s not saying it, if you’re a woman, it’s pretty much always implied.
  • Who is that?? Yeah, I got nothin’

Just from the title, I can tell this is going to be one of those special episodes, a real thinking man’s episode. Substance, depth, introspection, character development. Yessiree, that’s what we’re in for here!

This actress couldn’t keep a straight face during this scene and it was adorable.

So does anyone else remember when dentists used to give you candy for doing a good job? I love that B.A. might get a sucker (or rather, a sucka!). But instead, he gets a hit of nitrous and a plane ride to Miami. We get another call-out to his gold, as well, making me wonder all the more if we’ll ever get an answer to the question of where B.A. got all that gold in the first place.

This ep also got me wondering something else, too–by now you’d think The A-Team would be fairly well-known throughout the country, having attained folk hero status. Hannibal gave his proper name–much like James Bond, who also never bothers with a fake name–and it’s starting to surprise me when bad guys have never heard of the A-Team or its members. Especially given that if clients have clearly heard of them, you’d think organized crime would have. If I ever become a bad guy, I’m going to make a point to familiarize myself with all the known vigilante gunslingers for hire. In fact, I might even hire myself up a team of the less do-gooding type and send them out to take care of the more troublesome ones for me. In fact, I bet lots of us bad guys would have that in common–perhaps we could pool our money and hire the best.

Our clients are not at all impressed with Face. They’ll come around, though–they always do.

Anyway, this ep was fairly predictable, even by A-Team standards. I knew the moment they were captured that it was time for them to be locked up unsupervised in a well-appointed machine shop, and sure enough, jump cut to a construction site. As I’ve said before, it’s true, the show is rarely about what and more about how–but this time it was so obvious that even I was rolling my eyes at just how slow the “reveal” was. I did appreciate that they at least called out the heavy concrete door, so at least I didn’t have to wonder why the bad guys didn’t hear all the tank buildin’ noise.

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