A-Team Episode 3×12

A-Team Episode 3×12

Bet you were expecting some hot, 80’s fashion shot here, weren’t you? That was my original intent, but this sweet computer graphic was just too cool to pass up.

“Hot Styles”

  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Tank: Harbor Patrol Boat
  • Disguises: Ship’s Crew, Harbor Patrol Captain
  • Scam: No
  • Flight: No
  • Fixation: Being B.A.
  • Flips: 0
  • Fee: Free
  • Quote: “You kiddin’ me, sucka??” – Murdock, doing his best B.A.
  • Who is that?? Markie Post, Rina. Hint: it’s not the first time Face has fallen for her.

Now you might not be aware of this, but The A-Team was actually created quite some time ago, during the 1980’s. Computers were not as capable as they are now, cars were far uglier, gas was cheap, bullets never hit people, and only rich people had cell phones (which had to be kept in cars). And then there was the fashion…

Markie Post is back, playing a girl Face is unusually serious about. Someone must have thought the two had chemistry, as she played “the only one he ever loved” last season. Granted, this time around, neither of them seems to actually know eachother, but hey, it was the 80’s, you could totally be in love without knowing eachother. Anyway, that’s her above (not till posting these did I realize all four of those were the same girl), and bad guys are making her take pictures of top-secret new fashions so they can create knock-offs before the real ones are even out.

Face must be moving up the ranks–this time, the Team decided to help him without even requiring him to hire them. The plan is to let her go in, then do the ol’ switcheroo on the film rolls. (“Film” is 80’s for camera, only you have to pay someone to look at the pictures and you can’t post them to the Facegram.) Incidentally, here’s what’s on the other roll of film:

The fakes are designs by famous French designer Murdock, and to their credit, they’re 100% Made in America. By grandmas, actually. Free sewing machine and all I have to do is make some clothes? Sign me up!

Things more or less work, and we win. Oh, and B.A. was on vacation this episode, hence Murdock has been playing him. Everything went well right up until this happened again:

I say “again” because you may recognize this as stock footage from last season, a moment I captured a mere 4 frames earlier at the time.

Special Feature: Fashion of The A-Team

Disclaimer: everything I know about fashion, I learned from this episode

  • Hannibal can often be seen in his long jacket, and a light button-down shirt. It’s a look that says “I’m here to help, but don’t mess with me.” He accessorises with black gloves, a cigar, and a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic assault rifle.
  • Face is looking snazzy, sporting an expensive suit, and sometimes even a hat. This usually does the trick, but he’ll occasionally accessorize with a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic assault rifle.
  • B.A. likes to go for that “strong and silent” look in his camo print, leopard print, and bright colors with exotic, feather earings. He accessorizes with 6 lbs of gold chains around his neck, another 1/4 pound or so worth of rings, and a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic assault rifle.
  • Murdock prefers the understated but always in-style look of jeans and a T-shirt of his own design, and almost always has his Da Nang bomber jacket and baseball cap on. As part of his insanity, he may complete the look with a mask, cape, or something even less conventional. He’ll sometimes accessorize with a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic assault rifle.

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