A-Team Episode 4×19

A-Team Episode 4×19

What’s that ye be hearin’? Why it be the Jaws theme, o’ course! The sharks, they be swimmin’ for ye…

“Beneath the Surface”

  • The Spot What For the X Be Markin’: Southern California–Marineland, if’n ye be wantin’ specifics
  • Man-o-war: Alack and alas, nay
  • Disguises: A Woman of the Cloth
  • Hornswaggle: Not really a hornswaggle, per se. It be more… an act o’ piracy! The Faceman goes on account, serves the Letters of Marque to some foolish tar, and commandeers his clipper!
  • Flight: Nay
  • Fixation: The Parrot
  • Flips: Nay
  • Loot: Yarrr, the job be done for the mere price o’ a parkin’ ticket
  • Quoth he: “Arrrrrrr!” – Murdock, that ol’ seadog!
  • Who be that?? Arrrr, Blackbeard the Pirate! At least that’s who I’d be namin’ were he in the ep, which he be not, arrr.

Ahoy! And what have we here? Why it be another episode o’ the A-Team! This here episode be a pirate episode, aye! And she opens like a fine cask o’ rum, with some poor sap bein’ kidnapped–by pirates, arrrr!!. The sap went diving for sunken treasure but almost found Davy Jones’ locker instead thanks to pirates, arrrr! Dead men tell no tales, but kidnapped saps, errrr… they also tell no tales. So long as ye be keepin’em kidnapped and such. Which be exactly what the pirates be doin’. So… Arrrr!

Arrr, now there be a wench ye don’t want to be runnin’ round the mizzen mast with, savvy?

It be here that we find that ol’ scurvy dog, Faceman, chasin’ yet another wench, as be his way. But this wench be preferin’ doubloons over booty and turns him right over to that scallywag, Fullbright, who nearly cleaves the Faceman to the brisket. Fortunately, what for Hannibal hoistin’ the ol’ general from the yard-arm, me matey makes a clean getaway.

The pirates be chummin’ the waters with our sap, tryin’ to get him to reveal the whereabouts o’ the sunken treasure. Eventually the sap squawks and the pirates start diggin’–but those heroic landlubbers put the pirates to the chase and the sap is freed! And it’s here he be revealin’ the real site o’ the treasure. With all hands aboard, the mates weigh anchor and set sail for treasure lost at sea!

Yarrrr, that thar treasure be belongin’ in a museum!

Murdock, what be a man what carries many talents, scuba dives down the dark fathoms and retrieves a most fine piece o’ booty, a cross made o’ pure gold and encrusted with jewels. But whom should be awaitin’ our hero when he climbs back aboard? (I’ll give ye a hint: they be folk what be sayin’ “Arrrr!” a lot).

Pirates, arrrr!!! They’ve scuttled our plans and absconded with our loot! But Hannibal appoints’em their meetin’ with Jack Ketch and it’s smooth sailing, ’till that bilge-sucker Fullbright shows up. But Fullbright’s mates fly their coaches right into the drink and with that scallywag’s mates sinking into the depths and the pirates raising the the white flag, it’s Yo Ho! for our mates as they sail for the next bounty! Yarrrr, but wait, it be not over just yet–that crafty wench be tryin’ to hornswaggle Faceman once more–but he runs the rig on her and leaves her hanging the jib, a right hearty he be!

Aye, ’twas a mite bit shorter an A-Team blog entry, but what be ye wantin’? I did the whole blasted thing in pirate speak, arrrr! Avast, fine, I’ll give ye a few more lines–the musical etudes once more stand out like a fine sea chantey in this episode. And also I be thinkin’ it may behove the mates to retain the services of that thar meter maide–such a wench could prove useful should a ship flying the colors o’ the red jack approach.


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