AG-25B Skyraider

AG-25B Skyraider


AG-25 Skyraider

I started this one in July of 98, just before I built the Kestrel. Finally, six months later, I believe I have a final version of it ready. The wings and tail have remained the same, but the cabin and landing gear have been redesigned (repeatedly…). Among other things, the cabin looks more like a bird of prey and less like a bus.

The Skyraider is the first of the next generation of air/space craft powered by matter-antimatter technology. The two cylindrical structures behind the wings can hold a combined total of 1.2 kg of antimatter–more than enough to power the craft for literally years–and can be jettisoned in an emergency.

Propulsion is provided by three separate systems. The main engines are standard jet engines and are located behind the cabin. When the Skyraider leaves the atmosphere, propulsion is provided by the secondary system, the venting of plasma from the rear of the craft. This is terribly less efficient than the jet engines, but necessary if there is no oxygen present. Plasma venting can be used at any time, in or out of the atmosphere for a silent operating mode. The final propulsion system is based on a small directional antigravity generator located on the underside of the craft, between the antimatter containment pods. The generator can be used to provide lift, making the Skyraider a VTOL aircraft, much like its 20th century predecessor, the Harrier.

The Skyraider’s armament consists of two 800 MegaWatt burst Laser canons mounted on the wings and two Particle Beam cannons mounted on the cabin. The lasers vaporize most metals instantly and the PB-guns have been known to shatter small astroids. The defense system is also based on the antigravity generator, which can generate an antigravity force field around the craft. This field can deflect any projectile, but has no effect against laser weapons.


  • External Anti-Grav Generator
  • Two Standard Jet Engines
  • Experimental Vented Plasma Engine

  • Two Particle Beam Cannons
  • Two Heavy Lasers