UX-1 Arilou

UX-1 Arilou

NOT COMPLETE YET! I still need to add the laser cannon and fix a few other things in the .dat file, but here is a general idea of the Arilou. More views will be up shortly!

Inspired by the Arilou from the video game “Star Control”, the Arilou is a mysterious flying saucer that defies most of the central laws of physics. It is equipped with a Zero-Inertia Drive system, which allows it to accellerate instantaneosly, as well as letting it ignore any and all forces attempting to act upon it. All that is known about this system is that it somehow completely nullifies the Arilou’s mass, allowing it to perform the bizarre assortment of meneuvers it is famous for. A favorite tactic of Arilou pilots is to approach a nearby blackhole or other massive body, and dare their attacker to step too close.

As if the Zero-Inertia system weren’t enough, the Arilou is also equipped with a powerful, albeit, unpredictable, hyperdrive. Arilou’s have vanished from radar screens only to reappear instantly half a lightyear away. It is assumed that the beings who designed the Arilou intended for this technology to be used as a last ditch effort, since the saucers apparently cannot controlwhere¬†they go when the hyperdrive is activated. A few unfortunate Arilou pilots have lost their lives by rematerializing too close to stars or even inside of planets.

The Arilou is armed solely with a small, belly mounted pulse laser on a turret. The weapon has automatic aim, but fairly short range. When the attacker gets close enough, this small weapon can inflict significant, but not devastating damage. Experienced Arilou pilots do not try to destroy their enemy, rather, they try to make their enemy destroy himself or give up.


  • Zero-inertia drive
  • Hyperdrive Shunt

  • High output pulse Laser