F-12A Hellcat

F-12A Hellcat



The Hell Cat was my first attempt at a transforming vehicle. The first thing I realized is that I wasn’t going to be able to make it go to a robot mode, so I was content to have a simple Plane to Guardian transformation. The legs simply fold back and the arms fit inside of them. The transforming variant has a number of things wrong with it; it’s not realistic (the arms go where the engines should be) and the arms are too skinny. Finally (and most importantly), it’s ugly. The legs are too long and the wings are too short for plane mode to look good.

The non-transforming variant fixes these problems. The F-12A Hell Cat has the engines moved up directly underneath the rear wings with air intakes under the front wings. This was slightly inspired by the pink car from F-Zero (for SNES).

The Hell Cat has two hybrid in-or-out-of-atmoshpere engines. The engines operate as standard jet engines while in atmospheric flight and switch to a vented plasma mode when in space flight. Armament consists of 3 plasma missiles, one Sunburst heavy laser cannon, and two anti-matter ejection cannons.


  • Internal Anti-Grav Generator
  • Two X-HJVP Engines

  • Sunburst Heavy Laser
  • Three Anti-matter Missiles
  • Two Anti-matter Ejection Cannons (F-12A variant only)