A3-N Triton

A3-N Triton

Designed to appear both graceful and menacing, the Triton is a fast, light fighter that packs a mean punch. It is easily recognized by its three-cannon, three-tail configuration. Excellent visibility, rediculously over-powered weapons and propulsion systems, and versatility are only a few of the things that make the Triton a superior spacecraft.

The nose-mounted cannon is a Sunburst, while the two wing mounted cannons are conventional heavy lasers. One of the more common variants, the A3-N/S Triton “Stealth” replaces the nose cannon with a pan-spectral scanner and is equipped with a cloaking system. The Stealth variant is used mainly for reconaissance but occasionally supports other ships in surprise assaults.

It’s been said that the Triton Fighter spoils men; once they fly it, they will never again fly anything less. The key to this fighter’s success is its oversized engines. Though they are seldom operated at over 50% power, they are there to provide the fighter’s other systems with an extended power supply. The Sunburst cannon alone could not operate with much less than the power provided by the two B class engines.

As a historical note, the Triton was designed by the same corporation that built the Skyraider, hence the slight similarity between the two craft.


  • Internal Anti-Grav Generator
  • Two B Class Vented Plasma Engines

  • Sunburst Heavy Laser
  • Two Heavy Laser Cannons