Ice Blaster Turbo Sled

Ice Blaster Turbo Sled

Hey kids! Do you love sledding down snow covered slopes? Do you wish you didn’t have to drag the sled back up the slope in order to go again? Do you want to go faster and farther, or just beat that annoying neighbor kid? Well then, tell mom and dad about the new Ice Blaster turbo sled[1], from Pediaclast Industries!

Built in the same colors and using the same micro-fusion engine technology as the official Ice Planet mining corps, the Ice Blaster is fun for all ages, and safe[2] too!

And remember, if you like the turbo sled, you’ll love Pediaclast’s full line of Ice Planet toys! Be just like a real Ice Planet miner with our Ice Planet Chainsaw! Blast tunnels in your back yard with Ice Planet thermal mines![3]

[1] Ice planet miner costume and seatbelt upgrade kit sold separately.
[2] If used in a proper, supervised environment, and engine power does not exceed 15%
[3] Not safe for children under 17. Do not use on walls, furniture, pets, or siblings.


  • Two AAA Class Vented Plasma Engines

  • none