BZ-33 Frost Fly

BZ-33 Frost Fly

Natural enemies: Frost Frogs and Very Large Fly Swatters.

Many have made a distinction between the Frost Fly and the so-called “Frost Flea,” but they are in fact one in the same, the Flea being simply another form of the Fly. The legs are quite articulated, as are the wings, allowing this bug to resemble a house fly, a flea, or even a rhinoceros beetle.

I wasn’t sure if I should enter this one under IP Alternates or IP Insanity, but I’ve decided to go with alternates, since, well, it’s an alternate. This is my first attempt at building an alternate model since my Sparrow Killer, which I don’t think really counts, since it was very closely related to one of the alternates on the back of the Alienator box. Finding a way to use those skis as hinges was the most difficult part. The stock model (if you haven’t guessed) was the Blizzard Barron, and after extensive remodeling, there are 5 pieces left over, and one Insectoid crossover.


  • Internal Anti-Grav Generator
  • Main Gravitic Repulsor Dish
  • Secondary Repulsor Dishes

  • IR Laser Cutter
  • IR Chainsaw
  • Plague, disease, pestilence