IP Outhouse

IP Outhouse

Though the Ice Planet Outhouse is specially designed for the sub-zero temparatures common to the Ice planet, it is also equipped with many other special features not found in ordinary outhouses such as EcoGreen (R) environmentally friendly soap, a handy ski rack, an energy-efficient IR hand dryer, and biodegradable toilet paper. Oh, and don’t forget everybody’s favorite, the BunWarmer (R) heated toilet seat. And thanks to IP Inc’s excellent customer service policies, each IP Outhouse is also equipped with the latest issue of IceAge Magazine, delivered bi-weekly.

Now, what people don’t know is that there is far more to this innocent looking porta-potty… Beneath this clever disguise, there is a fully equipped reconaissance station capable of decoding enemy trasmissions in real time, jamming wide band signal sources, and cooridinating offensive strikes from remote locations, thanks to its 20 GigaWatt, pan-spectral, multi-phasic satellite system (concealed cleverly on the roof top where no one would think to look). And yes, it also gets HBO.

Blacktrons beware: your every communication is being monitored by IP Outhouses everywhere…


  • Hydraulic

  • Red Button that no one has ever pressed