MB-4 Lynx

MB-4 Lynx

This Vehicle was inspired by the Lynx from the video game Military Madness (for the TG-16). So far, it’s the only thing I’ve ever designed that has wheels, as most of my work is in things that fly. I originally designed the Lynx back in 1994 or so. I’ve provided links to the 1994 design if you’d like to see how it’s evolved. Pretty much the only things that survived the remodeling were the tail pipes.

The Lynx is a small Dune Buggy armed with 2 long range surface-to-air missiles, also sometimes referred to as “HAND’s”. The term “HAND” can be applied to just about any high yield weapon of destruction. It first came into use when fighter pilots began writing the words “Have A Nice Day” on their warheads. The phrase soon became an acronym, and now it is common place to hear a soldier speak of his vehicle as being “armed with 2 hands”.

The Lynx is a light, fast ground vehicle meant to run into the field of fire, deliver its payload, and run out as fast as it came in. Typically, they are armed with either surface to surface missiles, or surface to air missiles. Lynx’s play a pivitol role in knocking out enemy radar stations, allowing allied air power to safely complete its missions.


  • Internal Combustion engine (V-10)

  • Two Long Range “HAND” Missiles