PF-51A Sparrow Killer

PF-51A Sparrow Killer

The Sparrow Killer is another revision of the immortal Alienator. My design is related to one of the alternate models on the box, but I’ve swapped a few things here and there.

As the story goes, the first allied fighter to ever meet up with this craft saw it, laughed, and jokingly called it a “sparrow killer”. His atoms were soon recycled by the new Blacktron fighter’s anti-matter ejection cannons, but the name stuck…

This fighter was originally designed as a counter to the allied forces’ smaller spacecraft. However, it packs enough of a punch to take on spacecraft considerably larger than it. Its primary weapons system is made up of two anti-matter cannons. Each cannon fires a dense ball of anti-matter at high velocity using an electro-magnetic propulsion system. The SK is also, of course, equipped with the standard Blacktron Cloaking system.


  • Internal Anti-Grav Generator
  • Two AA class Vented Plasma engines

  • Two Anti-matter Ejection Cannons
  • Blacktron Phase-shift Cloaking System