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Sol Wind


The Sol Wind is the personal vehicle of Sam Blackjack, private I. If you look closesly at the paint, you can see the original name coming through the top coat, which reads “Soul Window,” but upon purchase, Sam (or “Twenty-one,” as his friends sometimes call him) promptly renamed it. Commenting that “Soul Window” was a stupid name and he didn’t know why in tarnation anyone would name a ship that, he has never thought twice about it.

At any rate, the Sol Wind is equipped with a gravitic repulsor drive (an unusual propulsion mode for a ship of its size) and an ion engine for interstellar flight. It’s not the fastest thing in the galaxy, but Sam would tell you his quickdraw makes up for that.

A bit of an eccentric, Sam prefers to use projectile weapons over the more modern energy weapons. His choice: an antique Colt revolver kept in pristine condition, with the chambers loaded. In his words, “I Ain’t never needed more’n 6 anyway!” And to his credit, he hasn’t.

The ship has two storage compartments for his hat, magnifying glass, and other tools. The gun stays in the ship.

Design Notes:

As with all my rendered models, this one is buildable in real life in the colors shown (unless I’ve missed something). The pseudo-spherical lid was rather difficult to come up with. Other than that, the design wasn’t too bad. Trying to fit a minifig into something so small, yet still keep it sturdy and functional was also rather difficult.

Finally, if you look at the dat file, you’ll see that the scanner doesn’t appear to be attatched to anything. It should swing up and down via the modern LOM martian arms (also used on SW droids). I couldn’t find them in Ldraw dat form and I was too anxious to be done with the model, so you’ll just have to imagine them there.


  • Gravitic Repulsor Drive
  • Low Power Ion Drive

  • Pan Spectral Scanner
  • Six Auto-targeting Low Power Lasers

Ice Blaster Turbo Sled

Hey kids! Do you love sledding down snow covered slopes? Do you wish you didn’t have to drag the sled back up the slope in order to go again? Do you want to go faster and farther, or just beat that annoying neighbor kid? Well then, tell mom and dad about the new Ice Blaster turbo sled[1], from Pediaclast Industries!

Built in the same colors and using the same micro-fusion engine technology as the official Ice Planet mining corps, the Ice Blaster is fun for all ages, and safe[2] too!

And remember, if you like the turbo sled, you’ll love Pediaclast’s full line of Ice Planet toys! Be just like a real Ice Planet miner with our Ice Planet Chainsaw! Blast tunnels in your back yard with Ice Planet thermal mines![3]

[1] Ice planet miner costume and seatbelt upgrade kit sold separately.
[2] If used in a proper, supervised environment, and engine power does not exceed 15%
[3] Not safe for children under 17. Do not use on walls, furniture, pets, or siblings.


  • Two AAA Class Vented Plasma Engines

  • none

BZ-33 Frost Fly

Natural enemies: Frost Frogs and Very Large Fly Swatters.

Many have made a distinction between the Frost Fly and the so-called “Frost Flea,” but they are in fact one in the same, the Flea being simply another form of the Fly. The legs are quite articulated, as are the wings, allowing this bug to resemble a house fly, a flea, or even a rhinoceros beetle.

I wasn’t sure if I should enter this one under IP Alternates or IP Insanity, but I’ve decided to go with alternates, since, well, it’s an alternate. This is my first attempt at building an alternate model since my Sparrow Killer, which I don’t think really counts, since it was very closely related to one of the alternates on the back of the Alienator box. Finding a way to use those skis as hinges was the most difficult part. The stock model (if you haven’t guessed) was the Blizzard Barron, and after extensive remodeling, there are 5 pieces left over, and one Insectoid crossover.


  • Internal Anti-Grav Generator
  • Main Gravitic Repulsor Dish
  • Secondary Repulsor Dishes

  • IR Laser Cutter
  • IR Chainsaw
  • Plague, disease, pestilence

IP Outhouse

Though the Ice Planet Outhouse is specially designed for the sub-zero temparatures common to the Ice planet, it is also equipped with many other special features not found in ordinary outhouses such as EcoGreen (R) environmentally friendly soap, a handy ski rack, an energy-efficient IR hand dryer, and biodegradable toilet paper. Oh, and don’t forget everybody’s favorite, the BunWarmer (R) heated toilet seat. And thanks to IP Inc’s excellent customer service policies, each IP Outhouse is also equipped with the latest issue of IceAge Magazine, delivered bi-weekly.

Now, what people don’t know is that there is far more to this innocent looking porta-potty… Beneath this clever disguise, there is a fully equipped reconaissance station capable of decoding enemy trasmissions in real time, jamming wide band signal sources, and cooridinating offensive strikes from remote locations, thanks to its 20 GigaWatt, pan-spectral, multi-phasic satellite system (concealed cleverly on the roof top where no one would think to look). And yes, it also gets HBO.

Blacktrons beware: your every communication is being monitored by IP Outhouses everywhere…


  • Hydraulic

  • Red Button that no one has ever pressed

Polar Research Station

  • (no LDraw Model file–too much work!)

Yup. It’s definitely a pole. Better build a research station near it, just to be sure. Oh, and aparently, the Iceplanet has 3 suns. (But we didn’t have to build a research station to figure that one out – That would just be silly!)


  • none

  • Subterranean ICBM complex extending for miles via underground tunnels.

NX-92 Scythe

“If it has to be there yesterday, it has to go by Scythe.”

The Scythe is meant for carrying small, important cargo from point A to point B without getting stopped in between. It has no armament to speak of, but it is equipped with the standard Blacktron cloaking system, as well as a very special engine. The Scythe is one of the only Blacktron ships with faster-than-light capabilities, making its slogan more than just exageration. Naturally, this property makes it extremely popular among smugglers.

The ship’s odd design is compensated by the internal anti-grav generator, which ordinarliy is used only for takeoff, landing, and minor maneuvering. In the Scythe, it performs a double roll by shifting the vessel’s center of mass over to where it needs to be for stable flight. Failure of the anti-grav generator would theoretically send an unfortunate pilot to a spiraling doom, but this has never happened yet. It is also this odd design that often inspires such interesting names as “One Armed Bandit,” “Fish Bone,” and “SST.”

Design Notes:

An Experiement in asymmetry, the Scythe embraces the ideas found in Renegade and takes them a step further. After I decided to build a ship with the form of a scythe, the first step was modifying the Lego group’s Invader. The three modules still follow the basic Nose-Cargo-Engine pattern of the Invader, and if you look at the port side of the cargo module, you can also see another minor resemblance to Invader. This is also my first model that required some preliminary sketches. If I get around to finding a scanner, I’ll put up the drawing.

To make it truly Blacktron, I tried to make it very functional. This meant that it had to be modular, and no space should be wasted. In the end, I’m rather satisfied with the results. Ordinarily, I probably would not have bothered building the droid compartment or the droid, but I felt that there was just a bunch of solid Lego in the middle of the drive section that wasn’t being used for anything at all. So, I used it. :)


  • Internal Anti-Grav Generator + Mass Compensation
  • Faster-Than-Light “Warp” Drive

  • none

V0-001A Intruder

Rumours of a new Blacktron fighter were confirmed when a squadron of 6 modified Invaders annihilated a Kelden class cruiser in just under 15 minutes. The new fighter, dubbed “Intruder” is fairly heavily shielded, especially for a ship it’s size, and has an extreme amount of firepower.

The original Invader class of starfighter had become little more than a courrier in its later years, so it was not without irony that the Blacktron starfighter division took an ailing design and transformed it into the deadly Intruder class assault vessel. The engines were kept secret from even some of the empire’s highest officials, however it has fast become known that they are notthe typical B class engines most midsized fighters are equipped with. While the standard Invader came with two lower power lasers (the nose mounted weapons), the Intruder is armed with four Sunburst heavy lasers, as well as a new particle beam weapon.

Particle Beam weapons were abandoned long ago in favor of laser weapons due to their enormous energy requirements and physical space limitations. It was thought that for a particle beam weapon to be as powerful as a comparable laser weapon, you would need a light troop transport to carry it. It seems the Blacktron engineering corp found a solution to that problem, and most scientists speculate that the engines and the weapons system feed off of some new form of power supply. Something far more space efficient than ever used before.

As Alliance scientists scramble to unlock the secrets of the Blacktron’s new power source and their new particle beam technology, all cruisers have been assigned fighter escorts and all military outposts are on hightened alert…


  • Internal Anti-Grav Generator
  • Two Modified B-Class Vented Plasma Engines

  • Four Sunburst Heavy Lasers
  • Two Particle Beam Cannons

T1-E Skyhop

This one was inspired by the movie A.I., and I’ve tried to make it as true to the real thing as I could. It is a small VTOL craft, originally a police vehicle in the movie. It’s really just a small personal transport. It is also submersible, so it is extremely adaptable to the environment.

The Skyhop is equipped with no weapons, no shielding, and minimal engines. Anti-grav was not feasable in a vessel this small at the time, however, computer controled thrust vectoring had come to near perfection, making the Skyhop almost as nimble as a modern, anti-grav model of similar size. It can land pretty much anywhere there’s space for it, as it needs no runway. This model also has an array of search lamps above the canopy which come in very handy when in an under-water environment.

Design Note: If this model looks slightly familiar, I started with the nose from the Star Wars B-Wing and went from there. Also, there is some odd placement of 2×2 round tiles – these are actually meant to be those convex “button” tiles found on the undersides of iceplanet ships. Either the part doesn’t exist in Ldraw, or I just can’t find it, so I improvised.


  • Two Vectored-Thrust HJVP engines

  • none

A1-F Apollo

The A1-F Apollo is the latest fighter from the Europa Shipyards, now famous from the recent success of their Triton fighter. Heavier and slower than the Triton, the Apollo is an assault craft armed with no less than three Sunburst laser cannons. While it does not perform nearly as well as the Triton in dog fights, when it comes to attacking larger ships or ground facilities, most pilots agree that the Apollo’s superior fire power is preferable over the Triton’s agility.


  • Internal Anti-Grav Generator
  • Two B Class Vented Plasma Engines

  • Three Sunburst Heavy Lasers

MB-4 Lynx

This Vehicle was inspired by the Lynx from the video game Military Madness (for the TG-16). So far, it’s the only thing I’ve ever designed that has wheels, as most of my work is in things that fly. I originally designed the Lynx back in 1994 or so. I’ve provided links to the 1994 design if you’d like to see how it’s evolved. Pretty much the only things that survived the remodeling were the tail pipes.

The Lynx is a small Dune Buggy armed with 2 long range surface-to-air missiles, also sometimes referred to as “HAND’s”. The term “HAND” can be applied to just about any high yield weapon of destruction. It first came into use when fighter pilots began writing the words “Have A Nice Day” on their warheads. The phrase soon became an acronym, and now it is common place to hear a soldier speak of his vehicle as being “armed with 2 hands”.

The Lynx is a light, fast ground vehicle meant to run into the field of fire, deliver its payload, and run out as fast as it came in. Typically, they are armed with either surface to surface missiles, or surface to air missiles. Lynx’s play a pivitol role in knocking out enemy radar stations, allowing allied air power to safely complete its missions.


  • Internal Combustion engine (V-10)

  • Two Long Range “HAND” Missiles