A-Team Episode 3×05

A-Team Episode 3×05

There’s making an entrance, and then there’s making an entrance (with a chainsaw).


  • Location: Groverville, California
  • Tank: Armored Fork Lift with 2×4 Canons
  • Disguises: Paper selling guy
  • Scam: Truck
  • Flight: No
  • Fixation: Bigfoot
  • Flips: 4
  • Fee: Unknown, non-free
  • Quote: “I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok…” – Murdock. Since I know the rest of the song, I ain’t touchin’ this one…
  • Bonus Quote: “Well praise the Lord” – Hannibal, when his prayers (for explosives) are answered
  • Who is that?? I got nothin’. Let’s go with B.A.s gold hard hat. Hint: Steel.
Check out the crazy eyes on this guy when he got punched out.

Last week the Team knew how to fight fires–this week, they know all they need to know about how to lumberjack (I, on the other hand, am not even sure that’s a verb). It’s a well-known fact that people in the 80’s just know how to do more stuff than people do these days. This week’s bad guys are an Evil Union, which I found funny given that last season, making a Union was the solution to beating the bad guys and this season, fighting the Union is the solution.

Not long into the ep, we get another Milk Commercial. Milk Commercials are becoming pretty common despite the fact that B.A.’s been slipped a Mickey more than once via his milk. If I were him, I might be a bit wary of the stuff by now… It’s fun to see his gold hardhat back, though. This time, B.A.’s got a little co-star, one “Billy,” your standard cute 80’s kid. Billy is trying to be more like B.A. (admirable) but not quite catching on. His hard hat is only silver–and Billy, next time, it’s not “jive” but “jibber-jabber.” Or “rap” is also acceptable.

Anyway, the boys make a rather memorable entrance by chain-sawing their way through the evil union boss bad guy’s wall. Then, in what’s becoming another trademark, Face receives a donation–and being the classy guy he is, makes change. In another scene reminiscent of last week’s trench run, we blow another blockade with a truck. Our heroes make it to the mill just in time.

Except there are still 10 minutes left to the ep–what gives? The other shoe drops and the mill boss is in with the bad guys! Time to get captured and put in a well-appointed machine shop. One slightly-longer-than-usual montage later, and we’ve got a rather interesting fork lift-based tank with a pair of log cannons.

Our heroes prevail and we get an answer to the age-old question: if a bad guy falls in the woods and there’s no one but the A-Team around, does it make a sound?

You bet it does. The sound of bullets and explosions.

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