A-Team Episode 3×06

A-Team Episode 3×06

Talk about scary. This made Hannibal’s swamp monster later on look like the Easter bunny. Also, it’s even scarier in High Def.

“Double Heat”

  • Location: Rancho Springs (70 mi east of LA), California
  • Tank: No
  • Disguises: Horse Statue, Room Service, Leo the Lizard
  • Scam: Chopper
  • Flight: No
  • Fixation: News Anchor
  • Flips: 1
  • Fee: Unknown, non-free
  • Quote: “That’s very uninventive” – Hannibal, because it’s only clever the first time, when he does it.
  • Bonus Quote: “Oh that’s going to ruin his scams, now he looks like a con artist” – my wife, on seeing Face’s short-lived ‘stache
  • Who is that?? Dana Elcar, George Olsen. Hint: This is wery bad for his asthma. (Too hard? Fine: MacGyver)

This entry, you may notice a marked increase in the quality of my screenshots–I’ve just purchased myself the Blu-Rays and man, the show has never looked better! So nice to be able to take a screenshot and have zero compression artifacts. And the explosions–let me tell you, I used to think stuff blew up real good. But was I wrong! Now this does have the minor downside of making each screenshot 3 MB… But hey, we live in the future, computers can be used to research stuff, and what’s 3 MB? And where else are you going to find such gorgeous screenshots of the A-Team? Nowhere, that’s where.

Note: I’ve since gone back and updated all the images for the blog. That’s right, I went back and re-screenshotted Seasons 1 and 2, just for you!

Best Hannibal disguise ever–I remembered this one from the last time I watched the show and I was wondering which ep it would show up in. Here it is, in all its High Def glory.

This episode opens with what’s probably my all-time favorite Hannibal disguise. He goes all in as a bronze statue, a horse-mounted rider. So some bad guys have kidnapped a girl, daughter of someone who’s about to testify against a mobster. There’s a minor twist in that it’s actually and enemy of the guy being testified against, so he actually wants the guy to testify. Anyway, enter our heroes.

Hannibal’s swamp monster (they called him “Leo the Lizard,” but that’s definitely a swamp monster). Thanks to the magic of High Definition media, this is clearer than ever.

Rather than the usual island hopping to get to the main bad guy, the team takes a shortcut and simply starts a war between the two. It’s really pretty ingenious. Then they just track bad guy #1’s car to bad guy #2’s lair, shoot the place up, and make off with the girl. Being that there are 10 minutes left, the bad guys team up and attempt to go after the witness himself. There’s a rather amusing, classic scene where they both pretty much confirm that when this is over, they’ll back-stab each other the first chance they get (delivered over drinks and smiles, naturally).

Our heroes get there first, draw them in, and close the noose as we always know they will. Sorry, I know, “close the noose” isn’t quite it. Let’s see… ah:

Our heroes get there first, draw them in, and execute the pincer movement.

Note: I just can’t find where it was said, but I’m pretty sure there’s reference to a Stephen J’s in this episode. It was either a restaurant or a hotel or something. It seemed to be not so great… I skimmed the whole ep but didn’t find it, but anyway, assuming it’s here, that’d be a call-out to series Creator/Producer Stephen J. Cannell.

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